If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“I always have a good experience when I have an appointment here. The staff is friendly, patient, and professional. Everyone is very nice.” –Tammy M.

“Every time I need an appointment, they are always willing to accommodate. Fast service, the friendliest staff (reception, technicians, doctors, everyone), cleanest/most beautiful office, and the cheapest in Fremont! Going to the dentist has never been so enjoyable!” – Amanda C.

“As usual, my appointment was excellent! I still maintain that you all treat our entire family as if we are members of your family! You constantly show that you truly care about your patients and their (our) families! Your faces immediately show that you are happy we are there. And we are happy we are there! Thank you all again so much; you are all truly the very best!” – John A.

“So many things come to mind about the improved service that I just became complacent with before. I show up, my appointment starts on time, very friendly and upbeat office environment, very professional staff, very knowledgeable staff to answer my questions about dental health, I could go on. Also, it took me years to get my wife to go to our last dentist, who passed away a couple years ago. She was never happy with the next one who was not as gentle or patient with her, so she did not want to go again. After we made this move, she is very content once again. Would definitely recommend them.” – Rick W.

“We took our 11-year-old son because we were very unhappy at our previous dentist. He loved the entire staff, as did mom and dad. His teeth were very thoroughly cleaned and a broken baby toothed pulled. They treated him with such love and kindness. I was amazed. Also so gentle he didn’t even flinch. This morning, he said he loves his pearly whites. Our entire family will be changing dentists.” – Noah R.

“We live out of the country and come back one time a year to visit our family. It is always a pleasure to come to Fremont Dental Group. The staff is always eager to see us and they always welcome us back. My kids have had nothing, but a positive experience seeing Dr. Emily. In fact, they look forward to coming to the dentist unlike when I was a kid. We highly recommend the Fremont Dental Group to anyone, but especially to children.” – Angus D.

“After months of pain, it is finally gone. The root canal, though not painless in itself, was needed and Dr. Emily once again showed her true self with endless comfort and guidance throughout the whole procedure. Thank you for making a special time for me and getting it done. I am almost without discomfort in just two days’ time. The staff is always kind and so compassionate.” – Teri M.

“It is such a gift to have kids who do not fear going to the dentist. All of the friendly smiles and kind comments are appreciated. Dr. Emily has a great demeanor with both kids and adults. Her heart is in the right place. I’ve never questioned that she wants the absolute best for each member of our family. Thanks for all each of you.” – Micah M.

“I grew up just hating to go the dentist! Dr. Emily and her entire staff make you feel comfortable and always keep you well informed as to what will be happening next. Your comfort is their primary concern!” – Deb A.

“It was excellent! Consistently excellent. You are all so friendly and great teachers. If I have to go to the dentist I am glad I can come see you! Thank you so much for so many things.” – Luann R.

“Everyone in the office is always cheerful, friendly, informative, and helpful. Always a pleasure to walk in and they all seem genuinely happy to see us. You just don’t get that level of customer service everywhere. It is really rare.” – Cameron L.

“I came in with a sore molar. I was impressed by how much time Dr. Emily spent with me explaining things. More than that, you gals are all so fun to talk with! (And you always say the sweetest things and I go away feeling better in every way!)” – Karen B.

“Staff was courteous and respectful, even when honest about how often I was taking care of my dental hygiene. I didn’t feel like I was being scolded. When it came time to pay for my visit, when the office staff noticed there was a possible discrepancy with my insurance, they offered to send me a bill later when it was rectified instead of demanding payment at time of visit and possibly sending a refund later. I feel this showed me that you highly value customer service and rapport, instead of just letting ‘business be business’.” – Jennifer L.

“I am so happy that I was referred to your office. I have had the best experience in your office that I have ever had. Everyone is so kind and makes me feel like I am part of your big family. I have always gone to Omaha but not anymore. I just hope that by me talking to my friends and family that they will come to your office. I truly can’t say enough about how pleased I am. But my smile sure does show it! Thank you so much and I can’t wait until my next appointment!” – Robin W.

“Thank you so much for making all our visits warm and inviting. Everyone is so gracious and always smiling. The positive energy is felt and makes the visit more relaxing!!” – Lillian H.